about bount-e-box

Nature, is at the center of our thinking which is often reflected in both our designs or the products we use.

On Demand Fashion & Art
Bount-e-Box designs are made and finished just for you. Our unique design collections provides comfortable and quality choice products you’ll always appreciate with fond memories.

Offering wall art, apparel and accessories that make perfect gifts or treats, the Bount-e-Box is an evolutionary concept originating from sibling website heartandpencil.com. 

Our mission is to provide our superhero customers with value, something special. Something that only a few people have.

Plus Less Wastage
Through minimizing costs and consumption with small production runs allows us to not only provide quality fashionable apparel and accessories, but also contribute to the reduction in the amount of energy and material consumed.

Now, one way in which we are attempting to do this, is to produce unique, original designs of “limited runs”

This means that once we have reached a threshold of say, only a 1000 sales of a specified item, we will cease selling that item from our store, and replace it with a new design. 

However, do not fear if you happen to miss out on a design you really like, as from time to time, there is a chance, providing the demand is sufficiently high, we may decide to re-release a design with limitations.

Have your say and let us know what you think about adding extra value… 

By Creators for Creatively Minded People…