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Our Canvas Shoes

Mens & Womens Slip-on Canvas Shoes in Halo Butterfly Script Design

Our canvas shoes are made from a durable and lightweight fabric

Canvas Shoes

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Our canvas shoes are made from a durable and lightweight fabric material suitable for applying our range of simple to intricate designs.

To prepare canvas shoes for printing, the fabric is first pre-treated with a solution that helps to improve its absorbency. This solution may contain chemicals such as surfactants, wetting agents, and other additives that allow the ink to penetrate the fabric more effectively.

Once the canvas material has been treated, our designs can be applied using a commercial industry standard printer that uses special inkjet technology to apply the desired design or pattern onto the canvas material. Depending on the design, multiple layers of ink may be applied to achieve the desired color and texture.

After the printing process is complete, the canvas material is typically heat-treated to help set the ink and ensure that it is long-lasting and resistant to fading. The canvas is then cut and assembled into the final shoe design, which may include additional materials such as rubber soles and laces.

Typically, the process of preparing printed canvas shoes involves several steps, including pre-treatment of the fabric, digital printing, and heat treatment. With these steps, Bountebox can offer high-quality and stylish canvas shoes that are both comfortable and durable.